2011 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 27 trips to carry that many people.

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2011 in review.

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Welcome all, you have come upon the continued musings of ZOD. In this edition of the inner workings of my brain we shall explore the events that piqued my interest in 2011.

You earthlings lost three major figures of evil on the world stage. Bin laden, Gaddafi, and Kim Jong Il all died. This was not a coincidence. Zod has been busy consolidating his grip upon the world. The world shall indeed be a better place without these men running the lives of the thousands of people that were around and subjugated by their regimes. In the case of North Korea Zod was unable to establish a new more benevolent ruler. This does not mean that I shall not be watching from the shadows ready to intercede should these new leaders get out of line.

Moving along many of the worlds astronomers have been steadily finding new planets around far flung stars that are smack dab in the “Goldilocks”  zone. This means that they sit squarely in the zone around their star that if atmospheric are similar that planet could support life as we know it. This has been just the beginning of  the analysis of the Data provided by orbiting telescopes. Years from now when you Humans have launched far more powerful telescopes you will discover that you are not alone in the universe. This discovery will be the greatest discovery of your civilization. It is the greatest discovery of any civilization.

We also general upheaval in the Arabic region of your Planet Houston. Peoples that are repressed have discovered that if they band together no force not even Zod would be able to resist the tide of change. All peoples everywhere yearn to be free of the chains that imprison them. Dictators must beware and know that their time is drawing to a close. the advent of social media has made it so they have no place to hide their actions.  The heavy handed police actions used by existing regimes attempting to hold onto power have been broadcast to the rest of the world Via you tube. These actions only served to fuel the rage that had built up for years in these countries.

In closing Zod will elucidate upon the most important “near” discovery of the year. At the LHC on the Swiss border scientists have come ever closer to finding the elusive god particle. This is the particle that imparts mass to everything around it. The actual documentation of this particle will lead to a slew of new discoveries for humanity. The possibilities are truly unimaginable. You all would enter a new phase of existence. you would move from a level 0 race in galactic terms to a level 1 race. A truly remarkable achievement.

All this will be built upon in the coming years. Hopefully through determination and the power of goodwill we will see a better 2012. That is providing the Mayans were wrong about the end of the world.


The 1%

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I may not be in the one percent group of wealthy Empire Ave players but Ive been around long enough to have the spare Eave flow to spend one what I want. The Greatest thing to me about this game is the fact that I can make the day of some newbie investor by going in all the Way. In a Truly altruistic motion instead of getting something in return I want to give away all of the current bank inventory I have. Using a Bank Amount of 11.8 million dollar I will give it all away. Spend it in the expendapalooza event please. I need nothing in return. I only hope that you all remember that the peace and understanding are the best things humanity can have.

Vote Zod in 2012!

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Dear Followers,

Today Lord Zod is very pleased to announce his campaign to be elected to the office of president of the United States of America.  Lord Zod has many years of experience in leading and getting the hard jobs done. If elected to the great office of the presidency Zod shall promise the following.

Since Zod himself is a one man army and air force the entire military will be converted to a national work crew. Pay rates will remain the same yet you will soon see all the money that was being spent on weapons of war now spent on fixing roads and bridges. We shall also see a era of great public works of art and industry. Much of the former defense research budget will be re directed to the research on renewable energies and helping the American economy recover from its very long recession.  Should a foreign power decide to test the boundaries of Americas new status quo they will find very quickly that Zod will crush the masterminds of the violence and leave all the civilians in said aggressor country unharmed.

Zod believes that when you focus on the matters at hand in your own  homeland the ability to help others shall follow. One major item that Zod would like to point out is that this not a isolationist policy. To enable us as country to help the less fortunate countries out we must focus all of our considerable intellects  upon the problems that face us at home. After we have learned how to tackle the issues head on we can then apply the same methodology to other countries should they choose to accept our help. We will no longer force our point of view upon another country or culture. This has lead to misunderstandings in the past called wars. We shall merely focus upon developing the technologies that will allow humans to continue the march forward into the bright future of the cosmos.

A Army appears on the Horizon

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One of the most Oft quoted lines in the Bible is ” We are Legion for we are many”

There have been many global develops on Planet Houston in the intervening time since ZOD last updated you on his comings and goings. A great terrorist was killed in a daring raid by US Navy seal operatives. Since Zod is intrigued  by such actions he shall expound upon this event tonight.

On a dark early morning the sound of a strange helicopter reverberated all through an neighborhood in Pakistan. A small team of elite SEALS inserted and took down their objective in a suspicious house. The Target was Osama BIn Laden. The leader of a global terrorist network and planner of many heinous evils against innocents. Zod did not like his style of  global domination. To strike from the shadows is a show of cowardice. When you choose to lead a attack you must lead from the forefront and in the open to strike from the shadows implies that you are not worthy of taking to the battlefield.  If Zod were in charge he would have done the following. One he would have captured Bin Laden Alive. Then taken him to The Fortress of solitude. Upon arriving Zod would have used the fortresses ablities to reprogram his mind and lead his organization to a far more peaceful route.  Remember when you can avoid bloodshed you are leaving your options open!

Join The ranks of Zods Army!  http://empireavenue.com/?t=206cc7f3

I Have Joined the Justice League [X]

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The World Order has indeed been shook up. Due to the reformations undertaken by Zod on his adopted planet Houston, the Justice League has allowed Zod to join their ranks. Yes Lord Zod the great intergalactic commander has been compelled to join the ranks of the good guys. This marks a changing in the way Zod is seen on Empire Avenue. From now on the Kneeling shall be kept to a bare minimum.  This will be Zods semi Permanent Status

” If I buy you DO NOT buy back. Spread the Wealth to those who really need it. Buy some New people and make some new connections!”

A new age has dawned upon EAv. [X] has joined forces with Zod’s Army. Together these two groups will lead the way into the future of social media. Zod’s Army will see a new philanthropy bent to its actions. Zod wishes to spread the good cheer of Social media. That is all for this day in the life of Zod…    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-Q9D4dcYng

Break Down!!

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Want to improve your Empire Ave score? Follow this breakdown of the way Empire Avenue makes your share price and watch your score go up!!
FB is likes and comments on any posts you put up.
Twitter is directs and Re Tweets. RT’s are serious #Sharepricejuice
Linked In is expanding your contacts and interaction on LI
Youtube is number of views and subscriptions also your total Audience.
Flicr is number of pics posted and comments on pics.
EAv is in site interaction. Thumbs and community actions.
All these are combined into a Meta Score with some Super Secret EAv sauce and out comes your share price score. Add to it share buys and sells and you have Market Makers
Zod has Spoken!