Stock Pick For March 26 2010

I was sitting here atop the corpses of those who dared to defy me and found this stock.  Trina Goyer, Ticker: MOMMAG. She has seen major activity in the last day or so and was featured on a separate blog. This blog was espousing the general greatness that is empire ave. A good way to get your brand out there id say. I also invested in this stock hopefully we all invest and see major returns. A check of previous activity on the internet returned a healthy amount of activity from her daily online contributions. She also is active promoting her brand on her stock holders profiles selling her self to those already interested. Basically getting those already interested to buy more and top out at 200 shares. So buy her and watch her make some credits for you. Hopefully when this goes live and the advertising platform is up she will make Zod real money to buy minions with. Remember if you see me to “Kneel before Zod!”


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