Stock Pick for March 27th 2010.

Today,Lord Zod  has found a worthy stock pick. Everything in this pick denotes the worthiness of this prestigious honor. The worthy one is Jeff Power ticker: POWER. Certain to be a powerful performer for your portfolio. Even the name brings chills to the spine of all but Lord Zod. Having only been on Empire Ave for a few days his stock price has risen 4 points and he is active on all fronts. Twitter, Facebook and blog traffic are all high volume on this stock. Jeff seems to take his time to pump up his stock price through all this activity. reward his excellent work as I have done by purchasing his stock. Your returns will be many. Even if you have POWER you must always remember to “Kneel Before Zod!”


2 Responses to “Stock Pick for March 27th 2010.”

  1. All hail lord Zod, mind you, I can only get 200 shares ;( … I hope this is the start of a excellent strategic partnership, if lord Zod so wishes…

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