Stock Pick For March 28th 2010

When Your lord Zod escaped from the phantom zone for the 5th time, he came up with a better plan than a full on assault. Lord Zod decided to take over through more subversive methods. In order to achieve these auspicious goals empire ave has arisen just as the great red sun used to rise everyday on Krypton. Todays stock pick takes General Zod’s plan of world domination one step closer to fruition.  Jon England, Ticker: JE. He has self professed he spends way too much time on twitter Facebook and blogging. this activity is reflected from his meteoric rise after the marker reset earlier this month. He works hard at his stock price and it shows his graphs are a thing of beauty. So maybe when General Zod takes over this rock I shall grant him the island of England as a reward for his hard work. Everyone else though must remember to “Kneel before Zod!”


2 Responses to “Stock Pick For March 28th 2010”

  1. You were robbed in 2008.

  2. Lord Zod Approves!

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