Stock Pick For March 29th 2010

Most Businesses are a anathema to General Zod. A business cannot Kneel before Zod. Seeing though as one has risen lately from the murky depths of copiers and unsound practices General Zod has seen fit to grace one with his recommendation.  Guru digital arts Ticker: GURU. Just today  the stock price is up 2.3 points in price. This is just as Much as Lord Zods favorite underling name to be withheld for secret purposes. Guru has been overtly active in his postings and gratuitous self promotion. General Zod is pleased with this activity. As a recent addition to the top stocks leader board his ticker is prominently displayed upon the EA home page.  A purveyor of fine arts he shall be well respected when Zod takes over this rock. Prehaps he will do the first bust of the Great general Zod. The masses will need representations of Zod since he cannot be every where at once so they can “Kneel before Zod!”


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