Transmissions from Quex-Ul

A loyal follwer has brought forth information Zod found useful. He has deemed it worthy to pass on. “Kneel before Zod!”

Behold Quex-Ul! Released from the Phantom zone by the fool Superman. Preparing my new empire and sharing my wisdom with all. The Empire will begin afresh in a few days and I am here to offer you advice on how to make the best of your the knowledege and understanding you have gained in your Beta experience.
To start, accept those who will help your empire grow first. Buy up stocks you know will dividend well early on in the market. Leave your friends til last. They make be good people and you may have accidentaly married into their family but if they are weak leave them until you feel you have money to spare. Take note of the stocks that are dividending well. Look here…
This stock has consistantly given 3x to 4x the dividend percentage. You have little control over the % of stock you own. and With that little control you should make sure that you are getting the best dividends to grow your empire.
This stock does not dividend as nicely as the previous one. This is one of those friend stocks I refered to earlier. Do not marry into his family!
Yes if you need to you can stay up and wait for the market to reset like a little child waiting for Santa. That would be ideal but you humans need sleep or else you grow weak. You know who the strong influencers are in the market. Use that knowledge well and perhaps Zod will reward you with a lesser punishment when the time of Zod comes. Kneel Before Zod!


3 Responses to “Transmissions from Quex-Ul”

  1. dirklancer Says:

    which stock is being recommended here? I don’t see any ticker symbols or pictures…

    • It wasn’t a recommendation just a what to do when then the market resets. Good info to keep in mind when everything resets. Dont buy friends and family first is basically what it boils down too. Wait till you have a good portfolio set up then once its making money for you go back and buy friends and family to help them out. Does that help. The recommendation for the day was Ticker: GURU by the way.

  2. There should be two pics that help explain the text but they aren’t showing up for some reason.

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