Stock Pick For March 30th 2010

When Zod finds a worthy stock he likes to acquire it before he recommends it that way, if it under performs Zod can heat vision the offending stock into a pile of ash to be used in making Zod’s pottery. This stock however has shown it self to be a consistent performer.KATHLEEN VERSTEEGT. Ticker: GKAT. When Zod acquired this new disciple she was a immediate returner for Zod’s personal accounts. This pleased Zod very much. What also pleased Zod was that she is a fan of Beatles music. Zod was able to hear this band even in the phantom zone and enjoyed their musical abilities greatly. She also keeps a healthy presence on Facebook twitter and has a exceptionally active blog. All this contributes to her catching Zod’s eye. Should you want a fine return on your investments get her before her stock skyrockets. As in all things Even though her taste in music is great, even the musically adept must, “Kneel before Zod!”


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