Stock Pick for March 31st 2010

Can any one ever truly understand what the protection of lord Zod and his followers brings? I think not. Should aliens invade your sorry polluted rock Zod can and will protect you from these adversaries. A good example is your war of the worlds fiction novel. Had you all bowed to the will of Zod he could have destroyed these invaders for you. Instead of the luck of small microbes doing it for you. A good early warning system though is needed! Perhaps this gentleman will develop what we need? ROBERT BURWOOD, Ticker: RB. He is specialist in your computer technologies and seems to be attempting to make all of your technologies talk to each other. Should this idea develop beyond what it is intended, I.E. a computer AI hell bent on our destruction such as Brainiac was on Krypton Zod will take care of it. Meanwhile assist his endeavor and make sure he has the credits to complete his research! One day even his artificial AI shall have to “Kneel before Zod!”


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