Stock Pick for April 1st 2010

Today loyal followers is April fools day. Zod has never been april fooled as you call it. The last person to try this ended up in orbit, around Pluto. If you should come up with something you think may be amusing, I suggest you do not attempt to use it on Zod. Instead use it on your weak and spineless friends. this stock however is not a April fools Zod shall not debase himself to such levels. Colin Charles, Ticker: BYTE. His stock is on the rise and is a proud twitteratti! As you all know twittering is grossly overated and shall pummel your stock price into the stratosphere of this putrid smelling rock. if you should do as this stock has you would be able to purchase a small pillow to put under your knees as you “Kneel Before Zod!’


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