Stock Pick for april 03rd 2010

During Zods time in the phantom zone he was blessed with a abundant amount of time on his hands. Seeing as Zod required no food, water or sleep  he had much time. the plan to slowly take over a planet was about 10th on his list of possible ways to dominate a planet. todays stock pick has fiery disposition! She and her hedgehogs have already began world domination plans and at this point have thrown their lots to Zod. Jeanne Marie Owens Ticker: JMO. During the last 24 hour period she has jumped over 2 points worth of value. Obviously her domination plans included high activity levels on the net. Investing in her is like a sure bet! She and her overlords have already done what all must do from here on out, “Kneel before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Pick for april 03rd 2010”

  1. I feel honored to be chosen as stock of the day. Should you continue to show such kindness towards hedgie-kind, they may someday choose to bestow upon you a ceremonial spear, as is their way.

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