stock pick for april 2nd 2010

General Zods Stock pick is late today. Zod had to grind a small country beneath his boot heel. this required his undivided attention. Check your news feeds in the morning you shall see. The stock pick today is a very good earner Stephen Murgatroyd. Ticker: AXX. This one came to zods attention by the large jump in his stock price over 3.5 points today! either he has worked hard for lord Zod or he found a way to manipulate the system. Both are admirable to Zods followers. As it makes them many credits to spend on purchasing shares in TTRIPP.This particular follower of Zod is his mouthpiece you must buy him and listen to him as this one is Zods loyalist follower. Even these two though will have to heed the call to “Kneel before Zod!”


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