Stock Pick for april 04th 2010

This is a day humans seem to be split into two large groups. Those that worship a god that walked your earth and those who seem to worship a rabbit. Worshiping a god seems a much better choice than worshiping a rabbit. Should Zod ever complete his plan the god will stay but the rabbit will go. Todays stock pick made it onto the leader boards though no fault of her own.  Nicole Bouchard Boles Ticker: PHILQU. A newcomer with a established blog the time to jump on this one is now. Her feed just picked it all up and will jump fairly quickly in response. The new car smell lingers yet around her. Zod has invested as should you and your minions. Just remember in the end no matter how many followers you have you and all them must “Kneel before Zod!” Ohh Happy easter Everybody! Now go to church!!!


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