Stock Pick For April 5th

Zod has been patient and cannot wait for the great reset as the humans that run Empire ave have warned us all about. Should you not be ready for the reset the general has some advice for you. Get ready, soon the reset shall happen. You do not want to get left behind. Great moneys are out there to be made. Todays pick has shown it may be one that you will want to invest in come the great reset. Eliot Hong Ticker: ELIOT. A top earnings leader he has proven to make good returns on your investments in his brand. All these points indicate high investment returns. Make sure you get in on this human as it will sky rocket in value after the great reset and everyone else left to crawl out from the ruble only to hear “Kneel before Zod!”


2 Responses to “Stock Pick For April 5th”

  1. Jeff Power Says:

    Hey Zodmeister! Where’s the daily pick for the 6th and today, you crazy megalomaniac you!

  2. Jeff Power Says:

    P.S. It should be me! POWER!

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