Stock pick for april 7th 2010.

general Zod has found a human vice you call this Vice gambling. As all youe medicinal vices have no effect on Zod he decided to try this one. It provided a slight thrill that Zod did not expect from your un-evolved culture. Zods super speed and x ray vision did not add to the thrill as it made the activity to easy to win. However Zods superior intellect did help when zod attempted the gambling without his powers. Your culture does have many good things apparently. Gambling one and curried rice another. Zod loved these so much he has decided to make Bangkok Thailand his capital. todays stock pick  is a “gamble” Kim Bendle Ticker: BOOHOO. A reptilian lover at heart it seems. The reptilian cultures through out our universe generally have a nasty disposition which makes them good in battle and subterfuge. Perhaps these qualities will transfer to this stock? Zod does not know it is a gamble. Just remember all the species except humans have knelt in front of Zod and one day soon even you simian descended humans shall hear the call to “Kneel before Zod!”


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