Stock pick for april 08 2010

Lord Zod likes it when humans push the bounds of the so called rules. Questioning why things are the way they are is a admirable trait. Society’s grow stagnant under no innovation or asking of questions to this end once again i must tell you of a human stock to as it were pump and dump. Jeff Power Ticker: POWER. He has found a way to supersede the system and drive his stock up dummy or decoy blogs abound on his stock. So much so that he has caused the Overlords of Empire Ave to take action on his heinous crime. Before this happens the way to many credits has been opened up to his share holders. Zod Suggests you pump and dump this one over night to score many credits to spend on lord Zods Stock, conveniently named ZOD. Should you do so lord Zod will allow you to be there when he takes over your most powerful governments and the call goes out to “Kneel before Zod.”


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