Stock Pick for April 09th 2010

Many disciples of  Zod have been added to Empire Ave. If you havent figured it out already Zod will inform you on the benefits of picking these new additions. Stock prices start at 10.00 if you pick them up early they will jump 4-5 points of value in the first 48 hrs depending upon their activity online. You should sort through these new additions to find the ones that already have a high online presence. these will provide you a large source of income in a fairly quick manner. To this effect Zod found this one to stand out from the general horde of human scum. HEATHER SARA
LABONTÉ.   Ticker:HSL. Zod invested and so should you. Her stock jumped 9 points already. Zod need not speak more. Just these two things to leave you with buy( ZOD) and “Kneel before Zod!”


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