Stock Pick For April 27th 2010

Lord Zod has been away from his plan. He had to quell a uprising in a small  country located deep in the amazon. Due to the large amounts of kryptonite there it was slightly harder than expected. Now Zod returns and finds many new minions running around empire ave. They are pleading with their general to guide them and so I shall. Brittany leBlanc Ticker: BRITL, has jumped out ahead of everyone else after the big reset. This stock before hand was a top earner it looks to be again. Lord Zod Also recommends Jeff Powers ticker:  POWER. a Master stock manipulator this one shall make you many dividends on your money.  Make these a priority and you shall see your empire grow to no ends. Once you have bought these use those credits to buy ticker: ZOD. Should you do so Zod will be grateful and grant you a portion of land once Lord Zod takes over the planet. “Kneel before Zod!”


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