Stock Picks for April 29th 2010

a most auspicious day indeed. Your yellow sun had deemed to come from behind clouds and charge Zod up! Zod could always fly above the clouds but seeing a human looking creature flying unaided tends to scare the general masses. as you all know Zod keepsa eye on things trending on empire ave. You all need to pay attention to Zods recommendations. He was a beta tester and can spot trends. Todays trend is American McGee. A earth celebrity of some sorts. Zod is not sure what this means but it will cause people to buy him like a kryptonian wolf feeding frenzy! you would do well to buy his stock now before it gets to high to afford. A well executed move after would be to invest your dividends into Lord Zod (ZOD) He needs your currency to helpin his benevolent takeover and bring a end to human kind’s suffering. Yes even though he is a celebrity one day Hollywood shall “Kneel before Zod!”


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