Stock Pick for April 30th 2010

Lord Zod has risen to the top 20 stocks in empire  ave. this pleases zod greatly! In appreciation of this Zod shall not allow the oil leak in your gulf of mexico to continue. He will plug it up and do so for a cut of the profits from said oil well. Zod does not do a favor for nothing! Also Zod has scoured the influencers available on  Empire ave and has found a pick worthy of his followers.Jeanne-Marie Owens (JMO). She already serves hedgehog overlords but is just doing so to throw off suspicion. In reality she is Zods loyal follower URSA. Lady ursa has shown a steady rise in share price in both the closed and open betas. She has long been a sure bet in adding a top preforming stock to your portfolio. Show your support for Zod and make sure you purchase her as well as Lord Zod (ZOD)! The position of NON has yet to be filled.  Just as all on empire ave know though as Zod builds his army his influence grows larger! Eventually all on empire ave shall “Kneel before Zod!”


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