Stock Pick for May 03rd 2010

The weekend saw a modest rise in the stock of lord Zods picks. It seems a recommendation from him is worth its weight in gold. Todays stock pick is set to rise from a feeding frenzy upon them. MySQL (MYSQL).  Just on the scene this weekend it saw a rapid rise in stock value! You will want in on this one before the price rises too high to afford 50 shares or so. remember the more you max out your shares (200) in any one individual the more you will earn high dividends.  A side note here, look at the earners leaders in order to get a good idea of who you should be buying up. These stocks are ones that are currently getting top earner status and will net you the largest amount of dividends. Lord Zod (ZOD) happens to be near the top of the pile,#2 in fact. Only one human stands above Lord Zod. Investing in this Puny human and myself would be a wise idea! take this advice and prosper. Just remember, “Kneel Before Zod!”


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