Stock Picks for April 04th 2010

A large portion of Zods army has left New Krypton and is heading towards earth as we speak. The human race has proven itself  a unworthy bunch of Xenophobes! The only way to save your selfes is to be able to pay tribute to lord Zod when he arrives. The only Currency he will accept is Empire ave credits. A suggestion to you would be to buy this stock in order to increase your credits and save yourselves! Kristi Mingo (KLM) A more recent arrival to the site. The word active does not suffice to describe her activity on the net. Being a radio DJ she must be active on the net to get her station noticed. By investing in her you shall see your dividends grow! Just remember to use some of those credits to pay tribute to Lord Zod (ZOD). By doing so you shall save yourself from utter decimation at the hands of Zods army. “Kneel Before Zod!”


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