Stock Pick for may 05th 2010

Lord Zod has conquered the earnings leaders board on empire ave. this alone should tell you that yes his stock picks are worth picking up. The total domination of the site is up coming. Soon all shall be part of zods army! In order to finance your entry into zods army you should pick up the following stock. KRISTINNUENDO B. (KRSTN). To say she is addicted to twitter would be a slight understatement of fact. She will flood your home page with twitter updates on a daily basis. From this alone her stock price has been a steady riser. She is still low due to low facebook and negligible blog activities. Encourage her to start one! you can help pump her stock up and turn those modest  improvements into huge gains! Will you buy her stock? It remains to be seen. Should you not want her stock the stock of Lord Zod (ZOD) is always a good bet. As i mentioned before hes not the top earner for no reason at all. Make a sure bet on your dividendsn buy Zod today! As always “Kneel before Zod!”


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