Stock picks for May 06th 2010

One thing Zod does on a daily basis is make sure his people are taken care of. This may lead to a few “Criminals” Getting a heat vision lobotomy but hey if you break zods laws you will receive Zods punishments.  In order to make sure you do not turn to a life of crime in Zods regime you must have money! In order to get this you should invest in Shawn Franklin (SFRBC) A fairly expensive purchase at over 20 credits per share this human however has seen good returns and is a prolific earner. Try investing in a person who is near the top of the leader boards. The expensive investment is worth it in the end. Just remember when your portfolio recovers from the impact of the purchase which it shall in a short manner of time, invest in Lord Zod (ZOD). When your portfolios are well padded you will be ready to join Zods army and “Kneel before Zod!”


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