Stock Picks for May 07th 2010

Lord Zod has stated his disdain for the Corporate structure before. Today you must join Zod in supporting Corporate structure that works. This stock pick is a rare company recommendation from zod. Knaves Online (KNAVES). By Using the advertising column he is finding a unique way to advertise his brand. By offering real world stuff to people! He is currently running a buy 50+ credits in his stock and get a free game! Free stuff for free stuff. What a great way to pull people in! They will at least go to his site expect a rapid rise in this stock folks. They have a fairly large twitter and face book presence and a tech blog that is already widely read. A rise in this stock is soon to come get in on this follower of Zod while the getting is good. When it rises and makes you rich in Empire Ave Credits turn them back around and invest in Lord Zod (ZOD).Perhaps when Zod rules your planet i shall put him in charge of something.. as alwyas “Kneel before Zod!”


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