Stock Picks for May 08th 2010

It is now the weekend on your planet. The Empire Ave market will typically Experience a dip in activity and prices during this time. Right now is a good time to find some decent investments and reap the benefits come Monday.  A good stock to invest in is Trent Cruz (TCRUZ). Very active in his social media life and on the empire ave market! A somewhat dark horse pick Zod has sone the research and predicted he now has a firm grasp upon what must be done to succeed at the Peoples market!  Zod say to make sure you purchase this weekend and watch your dividends soar on monday. You could always Pick up Lord Zod (ZOD). Lord Zod does not recognize days of the week. Therefore he does not change his habits. Everday is a good day to “Kneel before Zod!”


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