Stock Pick for May 09th 2010

This day is a sunday on your planet a day set aside for rest and worship.It also happens to be mothers day. Lord zods mother was vaporized in the destruction of Krypton. So he has a moment of silence this day for her every year. Lord Zod does respect the meaning of your religious activity as well. However since Lord Zod does not recognize days of the week a recommendation is coming today none the less. A good stock to invest in on this auspicious day is Brittany De Fehr (BD). she has multiple blogs hooked in to the site and they have all been verified. She also has a very active twitter feed. Seems she has a phone attached to her hand at all times. facebook activity seems to be high as well. Buying this stock today will make you a rich human come tomorrow. The weekend slump on the market draws towards its end and all who have followed ZOD shall reap the rewards of Zods recommendations. Monday after your dividends roll in remember to send some credits Lord Zods (ZOD) way. Join Zod’s Army and “Kneel Before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Pick for May 09th 2010”

  1. COLEAG Says:

    Great pick, Zod!

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