Stock Picks for May 10th 2010

As your planet returns to work on this auspicious monday morning Lord Zod has some advice for you. Prepare yourselves. As DC Comics chronicles Zod is on his way to your planet to bring it to its knees. Should you wish to avoid this fate you must be prepared to pay tribute to Zod. Before you pay tribute to Zod however seek out this person and invset in their worthiness. Prehaps they may be able to teach you how to conduct yourselves when you meet Lord Zod. AT&T (ATT) Is this the true company. No body knows as of yet. The Name itself has caused the stock to skyrocket to the leader boards over night. So regardless of the veracity of the name and the company behing said name you would be wise to invest. They have also been on a achivement buying rampage and expanded their available shares to buy and the shares they can buy in you! Invest now and get on the train before the tickets are too expensive. Remember Lord Zod after you do so and Buy LORD ZOD (ZOD). When Zod arrives at your planet and defeats all of your so called heroes and the governments that back them you shall be favored followers of Lord zod. Tell your friends and neighbors all this and “Kneel Before Zod!”


3 Responses to “Stock Picks for May 10th 2010”

  1. The whole AT&T thing reeks of scandal. I think it will come crashing down once people realize it has no way of generating revenue.

    • Dont know xheck ADRIEL he had some pretty good info on it. Plus you can always Pump and dump and make some money off it. Its what i plan on doing! PLus if it turns out to be real well you just made a damn good investment.

  2. adrielhampton Says:

    Pump and dump works well for just about any brand that lands on EA right now. If a big one hits in the middle of a weekday, we’re going to see it triple. Buy Aaron is also right – most of them don’t have a revenue stream. That said, not everyone is active enough to notice and sell, either. So buy is usually the word, and take profits at your leisure. I just hope I’m awake when ATT comes back …

    Good to be commenting on the first and most glorious EA strategy blog 🙂

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