Stock Pick For may 11th 2010

If you saw Zods post yesterday on AT&T you may have noticed a mysterious infusion of cash sometime yesterday. this was due to the stock leaving Empire ave. Lord Zod does not usually see these things coming, but had you pumped and dumped as zod suggested you would have made a tidy profit as Zod himself did on it. Today zod shall not recommend such a unstable stock. Zod shall recommend a stock worthy of the power that is inherent in the followers of Zod.  SAIT Polytechnic (SAIT). A technology focused post secondary school. These guys know just how to manipulate the technological ethers and make you some money for your portfolio. Should you want a modern and forward thinking  company to invest in these guys are the one.  Very active on twitter you should get in on this one while its still below the 15 credits mark. Just remember as your portfolio rises and your wealth grows pump money back into the cause of  Lord Zod (ZOD). As always “Kneel Before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Pick For may 11th 2010”

  1. all hail ZOD.

    Hey man, busy with work but the pick competition is still soooo on 😉

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