Stock Picks for May 12th 2010

As lord Zod scours the Empire Ave site for recommendations every morning he notices everything. Being able to scan the site at super speed with a high speed DSl connection gives you, yes you the person reading this the same advantages Lord Zod has over the other investors. This alone should compel you to become a follower of Zod and keep an eye on his recommendations! The pick today has a prolific twitter feed and the smarts of a low level Kryptonian scientist which is exceptional for a human! William Reichard (XCUT). All Hail him as your newest Zod stock pick. A VERY active twitter feed is immediately apparent upon clicking onto his empire avenue home page. In his own word he says  “Will Reichard, MBA, President, has a broad background in social media, strategic communications and marketing, public relations, development, fundraising and business management.” A lofty set of credentials to espouse of him self. Join Zod now in investing in this a sure bet as long as his twitter feed stays active and he continues to blog away. Remember that as a follower of Zod you must follow Lord Zod (ZOD) or buy stock in him to get his feed on you empire Avenue home page section. All hail the new pick and remember to “Kneel before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Picks for May 12th 2010”

  1. You have earned my fealty! Thank you!

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