Stock Pick for May 13th 2010

Dear residents of the Planet Houston,Lord Zod has shot up in value over the night due to his new twitter spamology tactic. With all that newly garnered attention you should listen to his stock recommendations. Others surely will follow what zod says and you should too. Great dividends shall surely follow. Todays stock pick is Mia Chambers (MIA). Ms.Chambers first caught Zods eye as a top leader in stock change for the positive. Upon clicking on her profile Zod discovered she is a fellow spammer of twitter! This as you should all know increases stock value better than anything else around. This stock Zod believes will level out out around the 19-20 credits maek seeing as it is currently valued at 16.325 now is a good time to invest!  On a separate note here you should be able to see on your advertisement bar the fact that lord Zod has actually entered the competition to get on DUPS board. All residents of planet Houston should Vote for this advertisement. You will see it running till the contest is over. The Buy requests shall continue in Zods other two slots but he will continue to renew this specific one. Once again show your support for Lord Zod (ZOD) stock picks and support him by reinvesting in Zods stock and buying it with the dividends you earn on his recommendations. As always your General bids you to “Kneel before Zod!”


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