Stock Pick for May 14th 2010

Lord Zod has risen overnight to crack the top 10 on the leader board for the very first time. This officially makes him a master of the game. Should you have invested in lord Zod yesterday you made a tidy little profit from him and his dividends. It would be hard to find a stock equal to the earning potential of Zod but I shall attempt to do so. A stock has come to light this morning that shall in earth terms rock your socks off. fusedlogic (FUSED) these guys are the ones that Hosted DUPS yesterday on the web chat. They have a active blog and some exceptionally high twitter activity which as you should now by now makes your stock price sky rocket the more you do it! this stock price is a little self serving as they do reach a large audience and a stock pick going to them will possibly garner a shout out? It does however promise the possibility of a large dividend return on your investment. As Zod always says a return of a portion of the earnings you make would be wise on the part of you funneled back into the coffers of Zods army. If your ever in trouble call on Zods army and some one will show up eventually depending on your worth to Zod. If your looking for a high end investment remember to buy Lord Zod (ZOD). As always “Kneel Before Zod!”


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