Stock Pick for may 15th 2010

Lord Zod enjoys a bit of violence in his life. As far as that goes one sport above all others stands as a testament to the art of violence. Womens Roller Derby! Zod first learned of this glorious sport just after he arrived on planet Houston. The violent release of emotions from the females of your species was quite something to behold!  Then as lord zod scoured the boards of empire ave he happend upon these the ladies of mayhem and destruction, the first sports team to join Empire Avenue the E-VILLE ROLLER DERBY (EVILLE). Such a thing has not happened to zod before. He is recommending this one as a personal chice not a profit based choice. This one however is sure to rise due to the fact it is the first team of any kind to join the site. They also heavily promote themselves on twitter so the stock lord zod predicts will level out somewhere aroung the 18-19.5 mark before it starts to see fluctuation in its price. Lord Zod however shall hold onto this one once he makes out in it. Just to show support for the art form of violence! Should you however wish to buy in a stock that gives massive returns well then there is no better one to invest in than Lord Zod (ZOD). Still at the top of the earners board for who knows how many consecutive weeks running! Just be Sure to “Kneel Before Zod!”


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