Stock Picks For May 16th 2010

Lord Zod has become a ubiquitous household name. Zod will soon be introducing and line of household items in addition to his line of kitchen designs. Soon you shall Kneel before the hassock of Zod. All these items will coordinate with zods favorite color black.  Some things however in life are not as sure a thing as Zods furniture and kitchen appliances. This stock recommendation however is not a sure thing but it is very close to being one. As close as can be to one anyhow. Brett Mirly (QWERTY). A 2 point positive gainer on the weekend slump this one seems to be one to invest in and ride till Tuesday morning, or further should it prove worthy of your continued support. A very wise investor he knows the morning is the time to sell off your stocks and reinvest in those that are on the up tick. He also has two different blogs and is highly active on twitter and moderately so on face book. A wise time to invest is this weekend while the market is sluggish. When things pick back upon Tuesday those who invest shall be richly rewarded! Should your portfolio be well padded from this investment come Tuesday you will be spared of Lord Zod (ZOD) wrath. All you need to do after that is “Kneel Before Zod!”


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