Stock Pick For May 17th 2010

Once it was during the closed beta that Lord zod was running out of people who were active on empire ave to throw a recommendation at. Not so any more the word of Zod carries weight to quote directly from one of the former picks “Only now noticed that you listed me on your blog as a pick back on May 8. I have you to thank for a number of investments that weekend! I now only humbly ask you that you make me King of Australia in your next pronouncement. All Hail General ZoD!” As you can see Lord Zod will make you credits. He does not ask for much in return and he returns the favor in kind to his most vocal and loyal followers. Mr. Cruz now rules Australia in the name of Zod! Where would you like to rule in the name of Zod? Todays Stock pick will see the same kind of bood from lord Zods stock pick that others have seen in the past. Why is this you say, It is because lord Zod decrees it so! Jeff Rose-Martland (JRM). Mr. Martland has Garnered Zods attention by being number fourth on the earnings leader board just behind Brent Knowles (WRITER),Lord Zod (ZOD) pixelens photography (PXLNS) respectively. Being in this position is good for you because it shows earnings potential and that translates into Empire Avenue credits going into your account! When your account is flush with those glorious credits you should reinvest them back into the Top person on the earners board Lord Zod (ZOD)! Or follow Zod Those achievements are hard to garner and reward zod with credits to reinvest into those who show true devotion to Lord Zods cause. “Kneel before Zod!”


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