Stock Picks for May 18th 2010

Sadly Lord Zod can not see the future. Contrary to popular belief a Kryptonian cannot reverse the rotation of the earth and cause time to run backwards. Why people believe this Zod shall never know. The best Zod can come to predicting the future is to look at current and past trends on the Empire Avenue market. This makes you take into account the blog twitter and facebook activities of a individual before purchasing shares in said person.  There are also other factors involved in the decision but those are more esoteric qualities that pertain to the individual. Todays Stock pick has his upon a way to sell her stock that is true the universe all over Sex Sells! ROXY BEWBS (BOOBS). A new Stock as of yesterday this one is sure to shoot up in value. Also a new twitter account is attached to this one so the more she tweets even once more than the day before the more money she makes and the more dividends you receive. Encourage her to start a blog about anything at all. Random thoughts about Lord Zod whatever comes to her mind.  The thing to remember on this one is that her stock is relativity low right now at 12.509 this means you can pick up allot of shares and get a bigger slice of those dividends. LOrd Zod has seen the future and it is good for this stock! NOw “Kneel Before Zod!” and buy his stock! Lord Zod (ZOD) Number 9 overall and #1 person in earnings on a daily basis. A real Blue Chip stock!


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