Stock Pick for May 19th 2010

Lord Zod has once again seen the returns on his stock come through for him! It seems every time Lord Zod decrees a stock a good buy the said stock sees a jump in activity. To this extent Lord Zod will ow be taking submissions. If you Think your stock is worthy of being recommended by Zod then submit your name and ticker to Zod and he shall consider it. Remember Zod looks for high activity on twitter and you really want to have a blog hooked up and active to really get Zods attention. A good example of the activity Lord Zod likes to see is apparent in todays pick. Fara Chieng (WSH). A LARGE amount of blog activity on this one loyal followers. Lord Zod does not know where it all originates from but none the less it exists and you may want to get in on this one early! It remains to be seen if this level of activity will keep up though. read her blogs and find out about what precisely she is talking about. A not so much twitter user encourage her to do more on twitter and your nagging shall be rewarded with many dividends to use as you see fit. A good place to spend them is on the perennial blue chip stocks. These are the top 10 in people and business. These  stocks have proven over the course of time to be stocks with earning power and good investments all around. Lord Zod (ZOD) happens to be one of these glorious stocks. All you need to do after that is “Kneel Before Zod!”


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