Stock Pick for May 20th 2010.

A large amount of possible followers of Zod have been appearing and coming over to Lord Zods cause. What is his cause you may say? Well Lord Zod shall explain it to you. It is to make you money. The more money the followers of Zod have the more power they have. That in return makes for Zod to have a much larger power base. There are things that appeal to you small and puny humans food, Music and chiefly among these is Beauty. The Human animal seems to be dominated for the most part by primal urges that reside in the hippocampus  area of your brain. Going along these lines todays recommendation is a Beauty as those of you cursed to be born of this rock Wendy Peters (WENDY). A wise man named Jor-El once told me to be what Krypton needed me to be. I needed to lead Krypton out from under the yoke of the established hierarchy. This stock should lead you out of that same darkness. Darkness being a metaphor for Broke ass with no credits left to spend on that shiny new influencer.  She recently had a drop in value but is a solid performer according to her graphs with a solid up curve on her stock price. Look for this one to enter the Top ten at some point soon and become a blue chip  stock. Best invest now before this one jumps again.  As always Buy stock in or follow Lord Zod (ZOD). He will always preform for you. Every stock portfolio should have just a little Zod in it. “Kneel before Zod!”


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