Stock Pick for May 21 2010

Just when you thought the war of finance was over Greece falls into financial turmoil and begins to drag the rest of your planet down with it. A very bad example of poor market management.  Perhaps Zod should Introduce them to Zodenomics. This is the new term Lord Zod has come up with for his investments strategies. It consists of Holding onto stocks and monitoring them for their daily activities. The good preformers over the week get dumped into the permanent category as in it stays in Zods portfolio making money for his cause over the course of months. The ones that show a continual slide are deemed Toxic stocks and are dumped in favor of some one brand new to the market or a guaranteed performer from the leader boards. Todays Stock recommendation is step one on the Zodenomics path. Tyson Hinton (DOPPLE) This Human has shown true earning potential. A active blog and twitter feed prior to joining Empire Avenue is one thing immediately Noticeable. This shows he has been in the social media game for awhile and will keep said activity high as he already has a core group of followers and friends that will keep his activity at or above their current levels. This is gonna be one you want to sit on for awhile so enjoy the dividends from this and remember to get Zod stock if you can  afford it. If Not just Follow Lord Zod (ZOD)“Kneel Before Zod!”


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