Picks For May 22nd 2010

A small Dictator in a impoverished country had to be put back into his place this morning by Zod. A great amount of time had to be dedicated to this so Zods handiwork was not easily detectable. So the pick of the day is late shoot me ohh wait you cant to bad. Ginviing out advice is what Zod does should humans come to Zod for advice he shall comply but all advice will only serve to make Zod more powerful. In order to achieve this goal those who follow zod should buy the following stock. Craig Miller (MILLER) A empire ave veteran who is just getting back into the game he knows what to do in order to win the stock game as it were be prepared for him to climb up the ranks of the newbies and establish a spot somewhere at the top. Experience in this game counts! All Dictators one day Shall “Knell before Zod!”


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