Stock Pick for May 23rd 2010

Lord Zod has been scouring the Empire ave for todays stock pick. It seems there is a trend to new arrivals on Empire Avenue. The better looking the girl the higher her stock prices rise. It may be sexist as you Houstonians call it but it is still very apparent. Human males obviously are the main driving force behind this trend.  Should you see a very beautiful woman on the New arrivals section of the site you may want to pick her stock up and hold on to it as you will see a immediate rise in her prices.  Along  these lines of Logic there is a person on Empire avenue you should consider investing in. TehrenAnaiis Nielsen a wise investment strategy is inherently visible in this stock. A active twitter account props this stock up very nicely! Sporting a active blog and facebook feed as well as her tweeting this stock has no place to go but up, up and away! A wise person would invest this weekend during the typical market drop and witness the amazing jump in prices come Tuesday morning.  As long as she keeps her feeds active she shall rise to the top of the pile of new persons on the site. Whether she makes it to the leader boards or not is not yet apparent as it takes dedication to attain that status! In the mean time a good alternative if you want Blue Chip stocks is once again Lord Zod (ZOD). Still On the top of the earners leader board and solidly so for almost two months. Actually since the site went open beta. Just imagine the dividends that will roll in once the site is totally open to the public. Truly epic is how this stock shall be! “Kneel before Zod!”


4 Responses to “Stock Pick for May 23rd 2010”

  1. adrielhampton Says:

    Nice trend-spotting, Zod.

  2. tehrenanaiis Says:

    woohooo im a trend.. for today!

  3. Time to recommend you lowly servant Non (or is it Nom), whom has been bestowed Great Britain by your Zod’ness.


    Oh yeah, buy LAT. Up to position #31 in a week since joining.

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