Stock Pick for May 24th 2010

The loyal followers of zod have been working hard to become leaders on empire ave. In recognition of this hard work one has risen above the ranks of the GI’sand distinguished himself as a commander in Zod’s army. Lance Taylor (LAT) otherwise known as Nom. This one has been using twitter like a madman!  He has made a serious effort to attain recognition by gaining entry to the leader boards.  With massive amounts of twitter posts and a photo feed that is constantly updated. This all leads to a almost constant gain every day. Just look at his graph!  Every time the followers of Zod work hard he likes to promote their activities. Can you earn the recommendation of lord zod? The Credits that come your way from a Zod endorsement are extolled by those that have received it. Just ask.  On Krypton Nom was a super genius that worked with Jor-El my esteemed friend and adversary. Then the Council punished him for following Zod and Lobotomized the fellow. Join Zods cause and fight against this happening ever again. Join by Following Lord Zod (ZOD) or buying shares. “Kneel Before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Pick for May 24th 2010”

  1. Ranger Bob Says:

    Nom will toast Zod at the #Yeg meetup, and drink to his continued domination of Planet Houston.

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