Stock pick for May 26th 2010

Lord has some respect for your leaders. The countries of USA, Russia, China and great Britain immediately come to mind as leaders of significant importance. these people lead the vast majority of your planets residents. All of these leaders are elected to their positions as well. A great societal improvement that shows your planet will be a great society one day. With Zods help that is. Zod can show your planet great wonders Zod only asks one thing. That you Kneel before Zod. A standout amongst your Leaders is the Russian Prime minister Vladamir Putin. This man exerts a take no excuses leadership style. A trait Zod greatly admires. If all your leaders took this attitude your planet would be centuries ahead of where it currently stands technologically and societally. In this vein Zod has found a member of the russian society to recommend you buy. Bapnish Folbgrink (PIZDEC). We as Empire avenue residents must support other countries as they send emissaries our way. For most of you thats other countries besides cananda! Buy this fellows stock and perhaps he shall send other Russians our way.  Do you want a shout out from Zod? You must first Join Zods army by following him or Buying shares in Lord Zod (ZOD)

As Always    Встать на колени перед Зод (Vstatʹ na koleni pered Zod)-


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