Stock Pick for May 28th 2010

Lord Zod Has gained a new achievement this morning! 6,000 shares outstanding! A long amount of hard work and dedication have lead to this auspicious achievement. As well as this Zod is closing in on 100,000 eaves in his portfolio. A illustrious goal if ever there was a goal in Empire Ave. Eventually Zod shall Purchase the shares upgrade to allow more of Zods shares out there in the ethers of empire ave. After that who knows. This brings us to todays stock pick. A new arrival to Empire Avenue she has seen a good rise to her stock. Sue Maynard (RCTOT). A Up and coming author she has recently compleated her first book and it is called Carving the Light available on A decent twitter feed is apparent on her home page, Not too mention she blogs on a regular basis. She has climbed her way to the top 5 on the recent arrivals leader boards. Get this stock now and reap the benefits of having a strong performer in your portfolio. Remember that Zod has shown you the way to make Eaves on Empire Avenue had you followed zods lead you too would have made the rise to the top that zod has made. Join Zods Army by following or buying shares in Lord Zod (ZOD). As Always i say to you residents of Planet Houston “Kneel before Zod!”


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