Stock Pick for May 29th 2010

Defying all logical trends for a weekend showing Lord Zod has arisen above the rabble and made his way literally overnight to the very lofty heights of the Number 4 overall spot on empire avenue! Zods plans have nearly come to fruition as he is now almost in control of Empire Avenue! “Kneel Before Zod!” One of Zods commanders is even at the top spot,shall Zod dethrone her? Only time shall tell.  When you are sitting there at your keyboard and wondering. “Hmm what stock shall i invest in today?” Fear not for Lord zod has been informed of a stock that is unique and sure to rise. Running on the same premise of Sex sells this one is sure to skyrocket even on a weekend!
Bettys Adult Toys (DILDO). A Australian based company that is obviously in the sex business. Sporting a wide variety of items for your needs it is sure to skyrocket over the weekend! This shows a trend of more interesting business and people showing up on empire avenue. boobs and sex apparently all have their flash in the pan moment then fade on not so strong twitter accounts and lack of blogging. So get this one folks and get it fast while its on the rise then monitor it for a trend of losing value. Remember Zod is always looking for new recruits to join his army! Follow Lord Zod (ZOD) or if you have the eaves buy him. As always “Kneel before Zod!”


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