Stock Pick for May 30th 2010

Zod has observed the many intricacies of human behavior in his time here. There are many things Zod does not understand about human behavior.  One being your great need to destroy your own home planet before you have the means to exit it when its resources are no longer sustainable. Another one of your human behaviors Zod does not understand is the concept of luck. There is never any deviation of chance in the universe its only 50/50 every where the only thing you can do to tip the odds in your favor is learn a skill or your natural abilities. These things can tip the odds in your favor but never the initial chance. Should humans ever achieve the ability to extend their reach beyond their home world they shall encounter a great deal of other species that do not hold to these archaic concepts of luck and  altering chance. A subset of your planets population are said to be born with said probability altering abilities. How could this be true? The recommendation for today is a resident of the group called the Irish we shall see if her luck can helpher in addition to Zod’s recommendation. Aisling Kennan (IRISH) she is a definitive resident of her island home!  A bit of luck must have infused her at birth as she is the first irish resident Zod has seen on the Market!  A active twitter and face book prop her stock up for a solid return on your investments! Join Zod now in making the lucky move and buying her stock before she skyrockets into the unattainable range. Remember that Zod needs ever more followers Join zod by buying stock in Lord Zod (ZOD),Lance Taylor (LAT),Vonnie Girl (FEISTY). These are loyal followers of Zod and Deserve your credits! As always “Kneel Before Zod!”


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