Stock Pick For May 31st 2010

Greetings from Lord Zod! Today in the adopted country of Lord Zod it is memorial day. This is a day started just after your country’s civil war. It was started by a general by the name of  John A Logan as a way of honoring the civil war dead. The original name was decoration day as the local community would go out and decorate the graves of the civil war dead. This tradition was not made into a official holiday until 1973. All this is leading to Zods observations on your society’s military.  One that honors its military dead is a excellent society indeed. Your military are the ones that stand against the forces out there that wish to make you submit to them. Honoring these great individuals is the responsibility of all those who have not served. Todays recommendation doesn’t have anything to do with any of the aforementioned things nonetheless it is a strong stock to acquire should this Empire Avenue site start giving you real money this individual will surely be a high earner! Drew Dalby (DLB) according to his advertisement he blogs and twitters for a living  so his traffic on these sites is Epic! A sure fire acquisition this is one that Zod has maxed out in and you should do so as well!  Zod as always is looking for new followers to spread the word of his power. Follow or buy shares in Lord Zod (ZOD),Lance Taylor (LAT) and Vonnie Girl (FEISTY). The latter two being Zods most loyal followers! When Zod reveals himself fully even you military shall “Kneel before Zod!”


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