Pick for June 1st 2010

Lord zod is very pleased summer has arrived in your northern hemisphere. The near direct dose of yellow sun augments Zods powers greatly giving him th ability scour Empire Avenue at near light speed. Sadly no computer can ever keep up with this speed so Zod must browse at the maximum capacity of his internet browser. Fear not though since this speed is still very fast. For those of you that are waiting in anticipation for todays pick wait no longer! Zod has found a wonderful pick for today! Emily B (BLITZ) she is still below the magic 18.00 threshold foe new arrivals. This stock however you may want to hold on to. Especially if she was to start a blog to go along with her very active twitter account.  Should you buy her ride it out for awhile a perusal of her back twitter activity reveals a very active user before she joined empire ave. As always Zod is constantly looking for new followers. Buy or follow  Lord Zod (ZOD) and any of his aforementioned followers from past posts. Soon all of empire ave shall “Kneel before Zod!”


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