Stock Pick for June 02nd 2010

Lord Zod knows sometimes this new social media experiment is not for those that are competitive. The drive to become number 1 on empire avenue is hard to keep up with just imagine the amount of tweeting and blogging you must do in order to accomplish this feat. Its a staggering amount suffice to say. So this week we have seen the exit of a few major players in this game as the drive to be competitive will sometimes leave a person in the lurches. You have to remember that if you bump up your social media usage when you join your price will go up but unless you keep it up you will see a drop when your activity drops unless your stock is in high demand then you shall see a rise as your stock flies of the shelves. Todays recommendation is a example of a person who will do well here as he is already a high social media user. Dan Tencer (TENCER) Already a fast riser on the new arrivals leader board. This shows he didn’t have to change his social media habits and he will rise higher than the usual 17 everyone bails out on the newcomers on. Watch this one rise high into the 20-23 range.  Ride this one out folks.  Zod is looking yet more followers and leaders for his army. Follow Lord Zod (ZOD) or buy shares in him to join his army. “Kneel Before Zod!”


2 Responses to “Stock Pick for June 02nd 2010”

  1. I can’t believe you do this every single day…. holy! LOL… you are really into this EA!

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