Stock Pick for June 03 2010

Yesterday was a epic day on empire avenue. One of the top players in the game has retired from active play. Let us all (Except Zod) Kneel before the masterful player that is JOSH. Through a constant buying and selling scheme he was able to in a few days rise to the top of the wealth leader boards and retire at the top of his game. Fair winds and following seas my friend. His masterful execution of the game shows a dedication to the game that zod himself has used to rise to the #4 spot of the overall leader boards. Todays stock pick is a established user of the twitter medium. Seeing as she works on the web and seems to use it as part of her daily work schedule.  A wise person would see the potential and invest highly such as zod has done just this morning. Melanie Nathan (SEO) in her own words “I’ve got a few followers on twitter and a name for myself within the online SEO industry. I’ve been at it for over 7 years and I’m proud of my achievements and the brilliant people I get to work with everyday.”Well said indeed. Far better than Zod himself could have said! As always remember Zod is looking for more people tojoin his ever expanding army of  followers. Follow or buy stock in  Lord Zod (ZOD). “Kneel before Zod!”


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