Stock Pick for June 04th 2010

Lord Zod has been busy observing your Planet Houston energy gathering methods. You have acquired the ability to produce nuclear fusion why do you not use this? For your individual cars you could use electricity generated by these and make stations on your road systems for energy refilling. You have also seen the potential in your own sun. Your solar technology could save your planet if you would just sink the knowledge and research into expanding this technology your planets energy consumption needs would be  met. Perhaps todays recommendation shall recommendation will  continue his career path and make it to your political arena and change some of these things. Colin Curtis (CACKS) A young political leader from the state of Kansas Mr. Curtis has arrived and seen a almost 7 point jump just last night! A plethora of blogs and a active twitter account makes this one a pure gold investment for you! If  your from the state of  Kansas contact him with your concerns perhaps he can help make your issues know ti the men that run your country. This is Lord Zod (ZOD) Signing off. “Kneel before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Pick for June 04th 2010”

  1. Great advice and great stock buy.

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